Power Alerts

Stay tuned for Compliance

Notification of the circular’s and the orders given by Regulators in the shortest time frame on intraday basis!!

The Product is known for its

  • Speed
  • Criticality
  • Comprehensiveness
Power Alerts Features
  • Sets your filters on choice of regulator and date.
  • Helps Compliance Updates at minimal cost.
  • Configure Regulators and Search on available database.
  • Orders duly segregated into debarred, penalty and non penalty orders.
  • Flagging on important circulars.
  • Title and date  of the circular is displayed with hyperlink
  • Mark the circular as important which can be later viewed (in 7 days) with easy and convenience.

Power Alerts collates important circulars and orders released by the respective regulatory authorities for the exclusive use of the subscribers of Power Alerts. It is not an exhaustive list and members are strongly advised to refer to the regulatory websites for exhaustive list of releases. Members are also advised to refer to respective regulatory circulars, orders and amendments on a daily basis.

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